The Complex Chords Cheat Sheet
Get our FREE cheat sheet to help you play advanced chords and voicings up and down the guitar neck.

In this FREE Cheat Sheet, You'll Discover...
11 Critical Chord Types
From Maj7 chords to Dominant 13th chords, so you'll always have the best option for chords available to you.
5 Chord Forms
Each chord is shown with examples in C form, A form, G form, E form, and D form... so you'll be able to play these chords in basically any key.
How To Accelerate Your Journey To A Chord Genius
So you have a proven path to always being able to play incredible chords and voicings - instantly and in any key or position on the neck..
...So you can finally play confidently, skillfully, with speed, and in any position.

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